Feeling Small in the Blogosphere

Ok, maybe being happy with my 1000th visitor was not such a big deal after all. I was reading Robert Scoble’s blog today and he, coincidentally, advertised his current statistics. When your (0,0) coordinate on your stats graph is 6000, you are probably getting a bit of readership. Can you guess which graph is mine and which graph is Robert’s? Hey, I must be doing something right as he does use WordPress too :-) 



6 thoughts on “Feeling Small in the Blogosphere

  1. realworldnumbers

    HI! Welcome to my life! I felt small for the smallest time too. Here’s some hints:
    1) Links, links, and links. not just any old links, DEEP/links/like/so/deep/like/this
    2) Fresh articles. It looks like you’ve got a lot, so great!
    3) tags, relevant tags, tags.
    4) get some wordpress friends. start a clan. start a web-riot.
    5) i just received my biggest view ever 2 days ago. 82. 82 fine people checkout out my blog.

    Also, take a look at my article. I was trying to get 17 in a day, and I live blogged it!

    Well, hope to see you there, please throw me on your blogroll if you like! I will be happy to do the same once I check out your page further.




  2. realworldnumbers

    I am awaiting moderation… why not ease up on those moderation rules! Let people post whatever… it’s manageable right now if someone *does* spam you.

  3. Joel Marcey

    Hi Patrick,

    Weird, I didn’t think I had moderation turned on. Just an email required.

    And even more strange that you were able to post the comment saying I was moderating without me having to moderate it. :-)

    Maybe that was a fluke.

  4. realworldnumbers

    I think maybe it was the URL I embedded, or the particular article I commented on!
    Nice to meet ya!

    I am crazy jealous of those first set of stats! I would pretty much die to get 10k hits per day!

  5. Heboh

    (*LAUGH mode ON)
    My Highest hits/day is about 8,000. Now is only 2,000-3,000 h/d. that’s right what realworldnumber said that you have visit other blogger to know who you are. just drop “nice comment” there. don’t forget made a interesting title.


    visitor will come back if you post regularly and of course interesting. so the number visitor will acumulate, yesterday 10, today 20, tommorrow 30.

    moderation? that’s up to you! if you can monitor your blog daily, you don’t need moderation.

    (mostly post in bahasa indonesia)

  6. Heboh

    you dont have idea to post?
    – just copy paste from other interesting news/blogs, dont forget to include the original/source url.
    – make sensational comment on movie you watch / book you read.

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